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Understanding How to Bet on the Underdog with High Accuracy

In football betting, players often have a tendency to bet on the favorite team, which makes them susceptible to falling into the bookmakers' trap with enticing odds. It is crucial to understand that bookmakers meticulously calculate the winning chances for both the favorite (over) and the underdog (under), so players must calculate wisely to place their bets rationally. In the following article, Wintips will guide players on how to bet on the underdog most effectively.
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Understanding the Underdog Bet
The underdog bet refers to a situation where the bookmakers rate one team lower than the other in a match with handicap odds. It means that the favorite team will give the underdog team a certain handicap, and players will base their bets on this.
The evaluation of a team's strength is typically done meticulously by experts based on various information sources, such as recent performance, starting line-ups, head-to-head history, injury status, etc. Therefore, the favorite team does not always have a high likelihood of winning, as they have been given a certain handicap by the bookmakers.
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Reasons to Bet on the Underdog
Stronger teams do not always win
Players often have the mindset that the stronger team will surely have stable performance and thus have a better chance of winning against weaker teams. Therefore, they tend to bet on the favorite team. However, players need to know that many have been surprised and lost their bets when the stronger team lost to a weaker opponent. This can happen due to various reasons such as:
Underestimating the weaker team.
The starting line-up being affected by previous crucial matches, leading to a decline in performance.
The stronger team no longer has any objectives in the tournament.
Being unaware of injuries affecting the favorite team.
Handicap odds create "swings"
The handicap odds in Asian handicap betting greatly influence the chances of winning for each bet. In this case, reputable bookmakers will recognize that the favorite team can win by less than 2 goals, so they will give a higher handicap, making players hesitant and indecisive in their betting choices.
Influenced by crowd psychology
This is one of the common mistakes that players often make. Generally, the crowd tends to bet on the favorite team, affecting players' decisions when placing their bets. It is essential not to be swayed by the crowd and instead analyze whether the underdog team has a chance to win or not.
Strategies to Bet on the Underdog with High Winning Probability
Bet on the underdog with a half-goal handicap
When bookmakers offer half-goal handicaps, players should not focus solely on the odds but consider other factors such as head-to-head history, form, squad quality, etc. This type of bet usually has a 50% winning probability. If players choose the underdog bet, the final result will be added 0.5 goals. In case of a draw, the underdog bet will still win, making it a more favorable choice than the favorite bet.
Bet on the underdog with a 0.25-goal handicap
With a 0.25-goal handicap, players who bet on the underdog and win will receive the entire betting amount. In this case, if the match ends in a draw, betting on the underdog will still secure a win.
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Players can learn how to bet on the underdog and compare the odds to increase their chances of winning when participating in football betting at online bookmakers.

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