PvP & PvE DPS Classes In WotLK Classic Guide in 2022

If you decide to play on Wrath of the Lich King, but the choice of classes and specs is too overwhelming, then you have come to the right place! We share the easy class picking guide for Wrath of the Lich King Classic WoW, helping you make the right decision to pick the right class for PvE & PvP in WotLK Classic. And we'll finish with some class quirks and unique selling points. The class picking guide is for everyone whether you’re a complete beginner, new to World of Warcraft in general or just can't make up your mind and don’t have a preference.


Another similar choice of a class is paladin, also a hybrid. It doesn't have a ranged dps pack to choose from unlike the Druid and it also lacks the mobility, but it is fairly easy to learn how to play and it has all the healing and defensive abilities you will need even as a dps spec. So it's pretty easy to level with Wrath. Paladin is also the best tank in the game in many situations as well as Holy Paladin being a top healer.


If you want to play class that is needed in every raid group, a Shaman would probably be your best bet. Every raid group needs at least one shaman for heroism bloodlust. If your raid group doesn't already have one, you will get a rate spot for sure even if you are slightly under geared compared to the rest.


Alchemy is the 3rd best, and besides drinking all sorts of elixirs and flasks, in Wrath of Lich King you have other new items to use as well.


Skinning can be put into the 4th best, because of how simple and easy it can be – you hunt an animal, and you skin it. Can be good for passives, and good for gaining WoW Classic WLK Gold .

There are 6 new types of leathers:

Borean Leather and Nerubian Chiting – 2.5 and 6 gold

Jormungar Scale – 20 gold

Icy Dragon Scale – 20 gold

Heavy Borean Leather – 27 gold

Arctic Fur – 60 gold


This is a top tier dps, hunters rely on Focus to deal ranged weapon damage using bows, guns, and crossbows. They tame beasts that can be used as combat pets to aid them in battle.

- PvE: This time round the top dog specs are survival and marksman. Marksman is similar to a warrior, it needs about armor penetration before it really starts to pump, but you can make survival pump early on in reflecting very easily, you just got a melee weave to put your traps down on the target because what this will do is it will proc that lock and load effect that causes periodic damage of your immolation trap to make your explosive shot trigger absolutely no cooldowns, it's like a free explosive shot and you can do that every 22 seconds. Base mastery becomes really cool and rough, you can you tame things like devil souls, but it's just a leveling spec, the dps just isn't that great because it's one of the cooler specs in the game, but really is just a solo farming or leveling spec now.

- PvP: In PVP, most people are going to play marksman beast mastery works well with beastcleave which is a comp with an enhancement shaman just has less utility than marksman, but it may be good really early on in Wrath when people are low resilience geared because the burst is insane. You can play survival if you want, but it's just a worse version of marksman because it has less bursts and less utility. Getting traps up is really easy now with the ability freezing arrow which would shoot your trap onto a location where you want it, it's when the scatter trap combo comes into play. You can also play through traps at once, you've got disengage which has been buffed, this is when disengage will actually leap you backwards. You've also got masters core which is a four second freedom that the pet actually can cast on your allies so you can cast it. You've got readiness which refreshes all of your hunter cooldowns. You've got chimera shot which can also disarm, peck can intervene and the comps of hunter really goes well with is jungle cleave which is with a feral and a healer. You've also got cupid cleave which is with a hunter and a retribution paladin.

Wrath Of The Lich King Classic Gold Farming

WoW players want to earn more WOTLK Classic gold then herbalism can never go wrong as scribes need a lot of herbs. Apart from that, skinning is also great because you can get a rare item called arctic fur from skinning, but this will be found everywhere in WOTLK Classic. The best thing you can do is jewel crafting and engineering on the main character, which also means you will 100% need an alt for mining so you can plant some oars to send to your main character. And you'll also get herbs or skins on that character, so you can use it as a complete farming alt. In terms of preparation, professions and character levels go hand in hand. Probably the strongest profession in PvE is jewel crafting and engineering.

A new class appeared in Wrath of the Lich King, called Inscription. The demand for herbal medicines will be greater than the previous classics. So if you don't already have a Herbology character, it might be a good idea to start leveling one up. Because herbalists will make a lot of money in Wrath of the Lich King. It's also a good idea to stock up on some ancient class herbs so you can improve your Inscription skills when they become available. In The Burning Crusade, people made a bunch of WoW Classic gold by selling jewelry crafting kits, which were basically just big bundles of various materials used for jewelry crafting skills from the crowd to the max. You can do the same with inscriptions, so sell inscriptions skill boost kits or bundles.

The above is how we can pick the right classic and gettting WoW WLK Gold for you by yourself. If players want to spend less time or energy is not enough, you can buy WoW TBC Gold directly at https://www.igvault.com/WoW-Classic-WLK-Gold .

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